As experienced investors and project developers in environmental commodity markets, Edenfort works with you to add value and create winning opportunities for everyone involved.


Many large-scale ranchers and landowners holding grasslands want to maximize income while protecting the heritage of their land. Edenfort partners with landowners like this to develop environmental offset projects that:

  • Provide long-term revenue streams for landowners
  • Protect the legacy and heritage of lands held in families for generations by preventing land development
  • Capitalize on available federal, state and local tax benefits
  • Reduce estate taxes for those who wish to pass land on to future generations.

The landowner’s only commitment is to work with Edenfort and our partner land conservancy on long-term project monitoring efforts. This may include allowing site-visits to the land and regularly collecting information on general ranch operations, such as the number of cattle grazed.

What Edenfort Can Do for Landowners

Edenfort can assist Landowners with capital and operating expenses and guide them through the entire project. This includes:

  • Assessing the suitability of your property to develop a project
  • Establishing a partnership with an appropriate land conservancy to convey and hold the easement
  • Managing the data collection, reporting, project verification and registration process
  • Funding for capital and operational expenses
  • Selling of the offsets to end users

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Conservation Organizations and Land Trust Partners

For environmental commodity projects that involve the preservation of grasslands, a conservation easement is often required to protect the land through the life-cycle of the project.  Edenfort prefers to partner with Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) and land trusts who share our vision to protect the environment by preserving our nation’s natural lands and ecosystems.  We seek to combine our expertise in project development, financing and market acumen with your expertise in land conservation to create win-win solutions.

Grassland Field Sunburst

What Edenfort Can Do for Conservation Organizations and Land Trust Partners

  • Identify local landowners who could benefit from a grassland project
  • Incentivize them to enter into conservation easements through your organization
  • Depending on the project, provide them with funding to partially offset easement development costs

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Buyers of Offsets

Many private and corporate entities purchase offsets as part of their strategy to meet their sustainability goals.  Edenfort offers high-quality, certified, voluntary environmental offsets based on protocols and methodologies designed for land-use best practices.  Through the marketing arms of our parent organizations, we offer decades of experience in the voluntary environmental markets and can assist in procuring and managing a portfolio of offsets that meet your specific needs. Contact us to discuss your offset requirements.